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Do you know the life-changing benefits to children who have 1 hour of exercise per day?  Here are a few:


  • Academic scores may improve up to 40%

  • Disciplinary issues are reduced in the classroom and at home

  • Children experience less stress, depression, suicide, ADHD and improved sleep

  • Self esteem and confidence are improved, and they are less susceptible to bullying and are less likely to bully

  • Healthy children make better food choices


Studies show that children who exercise 1 hour a day will become happier, healthier and more productive members of our society, strengthening the U.S. position in an increasingly competitive world and reducing our nation’s health care expense today and in the future.  Learn more at our Research page


And YOU can help make it happen!  Join our campaign as an Ambassador of Children’s Exercise and help get the word out that exercise DOES belong in schools!

Copy, paste and send a message to your social media contacts now, and ask them to share it too.  In just a few minutes you can help make fitness and exercise a part of children’s lives throughout the country. You’ll find professionally prepared letters in our Resources section on this website that you can simply copy and email to teachers, administrators, legislators, parents and fitness professionals.


                    Copy, paste and send a message NOW!


Pledge to be a Champion​​​​

Cut and paste a  prepared  tweet, post, blog, article, letter to the editor, administrator, politician or press release, paste it or mail it to your followers and encouraged them to pass it on.  It is this simple.  Americans need to know how important exercise is for kids and their physical and emotional development.  Visit the "For Parents" page where all media  will be sent to learn about the benefits of exercise.  Start today, go to the resource page and copy and paste your support for children's exercise!

1 hour a day for every child, here's how we make it happen:
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