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                     Children need one hour a day of exercise a day.

All you need to do is ask for it!  That's right, just ask the principal of your school. If enough parents ask, your child can enjoy all the benefits of exercise.


Follow this link to download, copy and send a professionally prepared letter to your child's principal and school administrators today.


Children of all ages that enjoy one hour a day of fun and functional exercise:

  • May improve their academic scores up to 40%

  • Disciplinary issues are reduced in the classroom and at home

  • Experience less stress, depression, suicide, ADHD and they sleep better

  • Have higher self esteem and confidence, are less susceptible to bullying and are less likely to bully

  • Healthy children make better food choices

  • They will become healthier and more productive members of our society, which will reduce our nation’s health care expense now and in the future, and help the U.S. in a competitive world.


Why is this important?


As parents, we all want our children to grow-up to be happy, healthy and productive adults.  This of course is a process, a series of positive habits that are repeated on a daily basis, like reading, or brushing your teeth and eating healthy foods.  Exercise is a healthy habit that has far-reaching positive effects on children.  The time to start positive fitness habits shouldn’t wait until a child’s weight or health issues become a problem.


Copy and sent the professionally prepared letter to your childs principal and school adminstrators today.


How does a concerned parent see their children receive all these physiological, psychological, and emotional benefits in today’s hectic world? 


Just ask for it!  Your children are at school for 6 – 8 hours a day and whether at a public or private institution, the school is charged with providing a well-rounded education.  Tell your child’s school that you want your child to receive 1 hour a day of exercise, and let them know why!


We support exercise in school because schools offer an existing infrastructure of facilities and personnel.  Exercise can be in the gym or on the playground with a PE teacher, or it can be accomplished in the classroom by the children’s regular teachers.  No need to hire additional personnel, in fact exercise in the classroom doesn't have to cost a penny! Brain Breaks and other classroom activities are free and recognized methods of introducing exercise to children.  Just 1 hour a day of exercise will provide all the benefits children need to have a positive and fun experience preparing them for a lifetime of exercise and health.


Learn more at our Research page


While exercise in good for the body, Dr. John J. Ratey, MD, argues it is more important for the brain, especially when it comes to students in the classroom. Citing scientific studies and real world examples, this internationally recognized expert in the brain-exercise connection demonstrates how we can raise test scores, lower behavioral problems, and help the overall well-being of today's students with fitness based physical education.  Here's Dr. Ratey discussing his research:

Click here for letters to the principal, administrators, politicians, texts, posts, blogs, articles, press releases you can personalize and use to make change happen for your child, it will only take a few minutes!

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